For reasons I’m not quite sure of, when I was a kid I thought that 101 Dalmatians, which, by the way, was released in January of 1961, was a new movie. Come to think of it, I remember having this feeling about a lot of early Disney films. Maybe it was because around this time I began seeing movies in the theater for the first time, and I knew I had to wait for THOSE films to be released on VHS? Or maybe it was the waiting game that was Disney’s “vault” system that made things seem so fresh and new. Who remembers *The Vault*? When my grandma didn’t have Snow White on VHS, I assumed it was because it hadn’t come out on tape yet, because certainly if my grandma didn’t own a Disney VHS it was because it hadn’t been made yet. But if I had to nail down the most accurate explanation for why I thought even the oldest Disney movies were brand new, it’s this: they were new to me. I was a happy kid who got to indulge in magic on my 28 inch Zenith television set and believe that the world revolved around me.

It’s a very short time in our lives we get to be naive to the world around us. For big things that matter and small things like believing you’re the first to see something special when just about everyone has seen it before you.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to break out my old set of Dalmatians, the ones my cousins and I played with over and over again, perfectly maintained in a freezer bag all these years. I loved them as a kid. What makes them better now? They’re new to him.

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One thought on “101 Dalmatians

  1. All of your childhood memories are so nice to read about…they bring back memories for me as well. I’m pretty sure there was a large stuffed Pongo and Perdita in your vast stuffy collection. Puppies too! Seeing my grandson play with those toys is wonderful because his Mommy played with them at his age, and loved them. I wonder, are there still 101 in that freezer bag?

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