Did I just fall in love with Pollyanna? This 1960 live action, considered a Disney classic, is one that I had surprisingly never seen. Set in the early 1900’s, Pollyanna is orphaned and sent to live with her rich aunt in a small town where her contagious positivity brings the townspeople out of their unique misfortunes and together as a community. The cast of characters charmed and changed by Pollyanna is reminiscent of To Kill A Mockingbird and the strength and unity of the town by the end of the film harken feelings of It’s A Wonderful Life. And wrapped in a Disney package? It was GOOD.

Pollyanna easily usurps the number one position in my Very Unofficial Ranking of Disney live-action films. I would watch this film again tomorrow. Truth be told I watched the first half with my husband and he was bummed that I finished the second half without him. You know that means something.

So I finally know what being a “Pollyanna” means. Have you ever been called one? Someone with almost blind optimism? I have! Focus on the good and the good increases, right? Having patience, giving someone the benefit of the doubt, believing in second chances… we need that. I have to believe that people are inherently good, no matter how frustrated I allow myself to become. Because without carrying that light around, we may all become so disgusted and distrusting that we revert into ourselves, our circles becoming smaller, our relations more distant. And hey, I’ve been on the other side of it. I’ve been irritated by a Pollyanna before too! But. Sometimes the greatest things happen when we are pulled out of ourselves and into one another.

So if you haven’t yet, give Pollyanna a chance! You’ll be GLAD you did. 😉

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