Much like my desire to dive headfirst into summer vacation is my desire to make it through this post. It was an error on my part to not time my viewing of this film more appropriately. A leprechaun movie in April/May? The worst.

Let’s just say that by the time the plot gets going on this one, I’m already confused. Sure, this makes any enthusiasm to jig with a bearded leprechaun improbable but when your waning desire to finish the film interrupts your will to even see a young Sean Connery sing in a strapping baritone? It’s time to either call it quits or watch in the background while you scroll Instagram.

The only reason this film falls before Crockett is because I’m willing to acknowledge it *may* deserve another chance. But not until NEXT St. Patrick’s day. NEEEEEXT!

Posted by:watchuponastar

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