1957’s Johnny Tremain is number 26 on my Disney watchlist, and one I thought I had to skip due to it not being available for streaming, and then, to my bloggy rescue came my Disney buddy Philip, who will henceforth be known to me as Paul. He found JT for me at the public library (so resourceful and thoughtful) so that I wouldn’t have to skip it entirely. When he dropped it off at my work the person who delivered it to my classroom came in and said, “a nice man named Paul left this for you?” Ah, thanks Paul.

This movie was just a labor all over. If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll remember I had quite the time getting through it. First, since it was on DVD, I had to relocate my DVD player from my garage into my bedroom, which for a tired mom after baby goes to bed, is effort, okay? But it gets worse! If I watch a movie in bed… I fall asleep. It took a few nights of picking up where I left off before I was able to finish. And I was reminded of how spoiled we are in the era of movie streaming. Remember “Scene Selection?” Yeah! Each night when I restarted JT to pick up where I left off, I had to go into the “Scene Selection” menu to get as close as I could to where I fell asleep the night before, it didn’t just remember for me the way it does on Netflix or Disney+. I think it took three nights to get through the film, just more as a product of my location in bed than the quality of the movie. Cut to a week or so later, I finally get around to writing this very post. The only thing left is returning the DVD to the library lest Paul have an overdue mark on account of my lengthy…process. Off to the library when(!!!)…drop box is sealed shut. Another day it waits!

Now really, every challenge here was totally my own fault and a each frustration entirely dramatized for effect. Philip was so nice to think of me and my little film challenge. On to the business of it’s ranking in the land of Disney live action.

JT fits in toward the end of my list. If you’re turning to Disney for your American history, I’d stick with Hamilton.

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2 replies on “Johnny Tremain

  1. That’s me! I’m Paul!!!! Hehehe. That scene selection is such a relic of its time. Wow, the years keep coming 😂. It shows a testament to how not awful it was though that you still liked it more than Davy Crockett. Johnny Tremaine is fine, but it’s Lady Tremaine in Cinderella that still has my vote.

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