Have you ever seen Perri? No? You mean you haven’t seen Disney’s 1957 squirrel doc? Do you even Disney?

I kid. Clearly this is an obscure one and when I saw it was next on my list I thought to myself, “How did one of the nature documentaries make it on to my film list?” I thought I had left those out. But as it turns out, Perri tows the line a bit between documentary and fiction. The footage is mostly nature documentary style–the animals just doing their thing, but the way the footage has been pieced together and layered with story-like narration spin it into more of a tale. It’s referred to as the first True-Life Fantasy, which really sums it up quite nicely.

The thing about Perri is, I was ready to sort of watch it in the background. I had ONE day of rest this week and quite frankly I wasn’t fully dedicated to giving my time to a 60 year old nature documentary. Even for Disney. And then we turned it on and the music started. That classic Disney symphony stuff? And the narrator started in a with that hint of an old timey transatlantic accent? Just a hint! And there were more than just squirrels. There were foxes and deer and wildcats. And BABY foxes and deer and wildcats. And? Have you ever seen a baby beaver? His tiny TAIL!? I can’t find a still shot from the film to show you, but queue up the film on Disney+ and fast forward about 23 minutes in. It really is too much.

So the verdict here is as much as I griped about having to watch a squirrel documentary, we LIKED Perri. Best squirrel documentary by a landslide.

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2 replies on “Perri

  1. The perfect summation of Perri😊 I really enjoyed the documentary but I think I found just as much joy reading your blog. Looking forward to the next one …..


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