And now for a dose of something lighthearted!

The dogs from 1955’s Lady and the Tramp, ranked by who is most equipped to be the President.

Meet the dogs from Lady and The Tramp, each in their own right arguably more equipped to run the country than our outgoing Pres. Let’s discuss.

10. Bull

Pound Dogs | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Bull gets along with all breeds, but trapped twice by the dogcatcher and tripping over his own mouth? This won’t do.

9. Toughy

Pound Dogs | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Nothing wrong here, but completely obscure and not memorable. In the pen for too long.

8. Pedro

Lady and the Tramp | John's Disney Movie Year

Poor little Pedro. Typecast and parodied. Not presidential but a great runner-up for the Taco Bell dog.

7. Dachsie

Lady and the Tramp

Ambitious enough to try digging himself out of the pound, which is more than I can say for the others. Is this because he has perseverance or because he’s a crook? Could go either way.

6. Peg

Disney's live-action Lady and the Tramp adaptation casts Moonlight star as  Peg

Clearly the head that turns the neck of the pound pups. She knows what’s going on and she has presence, but with the company she keeps her Cabinet would probably comprise of tail-chasers and butt-sniffers.

5. Tramp

He has the charm and charisma to secure the vote, but his seedy past and reputation wouldn’t survive a good vetting. The country can’t face another adultery scandal.

4. Boris

BORIS ~ Lady and the Tramp, 1955 | Lady and the tramp, Cocker spaniel dog,  Lady

The philosophical type, I would venture to say he’s locked up for protesting a civil injustice. Of every dog in the pound, Boris is the most worldly, versed in Russian theater and basic Greek mythology. “Every tramp has his Achilles heel.” With Boris comes a vision for the future based on historical and philosophical precedent, and probably science too.

3. Lady

The fact that she’s pure-bred doesn’t matter, Miss Lady is pure of heart. She makes decisions of sound mind. She is a case study in class and she becomes a leader in her own right. But though she is proud of that new collar, she’s not ready to trade it in for an American flag pin and the nuclear codes. Give it some time.

2. Trusty

Lady and the Tramp (1955) Disney movie

Now this is a good boy right here. He has a history of serving others. Service. Doesn’t that sound like a fine priority for a president to have?

1. Jock

Jock | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Mister President. Now here is a true statesman! This pup doesn’t need an intelligence briefing to know what’s going on in his neighborhood. The way he cares for Lady and the others, it’s clear he’s ready to protect, provide, and lead.

Oh, were you wondering about these guys?

The Siamese Cat Song” To Be Rebooted In Disney+ Lady And The Tramp Live  Action Movie | What's On Disney Plus

Well, I think we all know who they remind us of…

Trump Sons Now Head Trump Organization | Fortune
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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog on Lady and the Tramp! It was creative the way you connected it to current events. It was easy reading and made me laugh several times. Can’t wait for the next one!


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