We are plugging along here! Another movie down, and this was one I was so excited to watch, yet the thought of writing about it felt incredibly daunting. Film number twenty on the list is 1953’s Peter Pan.

“There’s a Neverland waiting for you…”

Peter Pan is Disney perfection. It may be the best animated Disney film there is, or at least top three. (But like don’t ask me to give a definitive ranking because I can’t.) What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about this one? “I love it, believe me?” “It’s just really really GOOD, take my word for it?” “It’s the best, why the hell haven’t you seen it yet and what is wrong with you?” Suffice to say, this film is beloved by many, including your more casual Disney viewer.

In the film, Peter takes Wendy and her brothers to Neverland, a place where pirates, mermaids, and (problematic, caricatured) Indians play with the Lost Boys every day and you never grow up. With Peter and pixie dust, you can fly. In Neverland, Peter will save you from the mean Capitan Hook, and when you miss your mom you can fly home again. The concept is idyllic and comforting. For me, watching Peter Pan is like taking a trip to Neverland. It feels like childhood. Watching it with my husband is special because he grew up journeying to Neverland too. Getting to take our son along with us when we watch it now makes the journey so much more special. That’s another piece of the magic, if you grew up with these movies, you have your own significant ties to them. When we share in the joy of watching them with others, we all relive that childhood awe and wonder, resting in the comfort of nostalgia and making new memories together. I hope that watching these movies with my son now become part of his core memories later.

And who doesn’t need a trip to Neverland right now?

“Think of all the joy you’ll find/ When you leave the world behind/ And bid your cares goodbye.

Couldn’t we all use a little escape?

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2 replies on “Peter Pan

  1. The cutest Peter Pan ever….I need to rewatch this movie, I have only seen it maybe once & I barely remember it..I could most definitely use some Disney & Fantasy escapes right now.

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