There are, today, well over one hundred Disney live-action films. I’m not talking about the remakes that have taken over in the last 5 or 6 years, I mean films wearing the Disney name that are all live action, meaning they aren’t animated, and they aren’t punctuated by animated segments. These are films like Treasure Island (which I reviewed a few weeks ago), Swiss Family Robinson, and more recently films like Saving Mr. Banks (which is fantastic) and Godmothered (which is real cute). Since I have only scratched the surface of these films, I thought it would be fun to start ranking them in real time as I watch them. I’ll be honest. That cute little idea happened before I counted how many there were. But I’m going to try! Let’s not call this a hard commitment, let’s call it an ambitious effort. We’ll see how far I get. I’ll still be gracing you with tangents on all of the other films in order of release date, but as for the live actions, I’ll be reviewing them along with their ranking as the list evolves.

The academic in me is cringing at the thought of using Wikipedia as a reference, but they have a fantastic color-coded list of Disney films. Take a look for yourself! How many live actions do you think you have under your belt?

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