On a Sunday afternoon, we watched Cinderella- Disney’s rendering of a fairy tale I’ve seen start to finish at least a dozen times. We all know the story…  Cinderella, forced into servitude by a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters, rises to royalty when magic brings her one night at the prince’s ball.  To me, it’s the perfect fairy tale. There is a reason the story and the film are timeless. It’s simple. There’s nothing perplexing here. It’s a linear story, nothing to tangle you or lead you astray. In 1950 the film was a spectacle, an impressive feat in animation and color.  70 years later the film holds up. Watching it this time I was quickly captivated, despite having seen it so many times before. Moments like Lady Tremaine taunting Cinderella with the promise that she can attend the Prince’s ball, IF she can complete an impossible list of chores and find a dress still disgusted and somehow surprised me.  A flick of the Fairy Godmother’s sparkly wand still dazzled me.  I breathed an audible sign of relief when Cinderella ran down the stairs with seconds to spare, to try on the glass slipper.  I felt these reactions more so now than as a girl.  

Have you ever had a Cinderella moment? You’re sure to find one if you try.

The reason for this is deeper than a 30-something millennial Mom’s Disney obsession.  It’s that Cinderella is a fairy tale everyone has experienced.  Have you ever had a Cinderella moment?  You’re sure to find one if you try.  I’ve never knitted a mouse a sweater, but I have been generous to someone who needed my help.  I’ve never had a dress ripped from my body, but I did have plans ruined when my date to the high school dance found me after school, days before the big night to tell me he decided he would rather go with someone else.  Or the time when I was 7 or 8 and had a door slammed, quite literally, in my face when the girls down the street invited me to watch a movie at their house, and when I arrived plucked the VHS from my hands and locked me out.  Or the feeling of being one exam away from my dream job and not passing it by ONE POINT. I cried for hours, absolutely crestfallen, when the county called me to say the requirements had changed over the summer and now that exam didn’t matter.  That was a Bippity Boppity blessing right there. I’ve also had glass slipper moments, walking into a jeweler with my Mr. WatchUponAStar when he was my boyfriend and finding my dream engagement ring, then realizing the brand of the ring was his last name and the year he was born.  (Seriously!)  And the times in my life where giving or receiving kindness has felt like magic?  Incalculable.      

Not a romantic? Surely you’ve mopped the floor only to have someone walk dirty footprints through it…

The magic is that this fairy tale is timeless.  It has been around for centuries before Disney animated it.  It’s strong and sincere, and we have all been Cinderella before. 

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6 replies on “Cinderella

  1. Great post! I love this story too and I love how you tied it in with your own like experience. There is an Algonquin Indian Cinderella story by Rafe Martin called The Rough Faced Girl that I really love too and I’m sure there are a lot more variations on this story out there since it’s so universal in its message.


  2. Amanda, a few things. First, I would read your novel if you ever wanted to Write one. Next, that guy that told you had a different dance date…. his major loss. Oh and those girls with that literally slammed the door in your face… I would’ve been like, “Come on Amanda we don’t need those meanie faces. Come on over to my house and we can watch Disney movies, eat Dunkaroos, and call people on my Mary Kate and Ashley phone.”

    And lastly, thank you for bringing up the Bippity Boppity Cinderella moments. Sometimes they are hard to find, but they resonate in our memory so profoundly.

    Thank you for your wonderful writing. Can’t wait to see what is next!


    1. Thank you for aaaaallllllll or your support!!! Omg… Mary Kate and Ashley don’t even get me started I had probably every VHS and watched them over and over. And who do we petition to bring back Dunkaroos? What would I give for a Flinstone’s Push Pop!?

      I guess you have to have those bad moments to make you stronger, give you some grit, or so you have something to write in your blog about. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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